• Jules Daly
  • Pelle Sjoenell
  • Jason Xenopoulos
  • Tim Ellis
  • Al MacCuish
  • Gabor Harrach
  • Misha Sher


  • Marcelo Pascoa
  • Toan Nguyen
  • Julian Jacobs
  • Ricardo Dias
  • Tomoya Suzuki
  • Monica Chun
  • PJ Pereira
  • Luciana Olivares
  • Samantha Glynne
  • Marissa Nance
  • Amanda Hill
  • Carol Goll
  • Steven Kalifowitz


The Art of Branded Entertainment is a collection of essays on the future of advertising from some of the biggest names in the industry.

Live television viewing is decreasing as audiences – especially the younger generation – choose to stream television shows and films via catch-up, YouTube, Netflix, iTunes and other digital platforms. With that shift, intrusive commercial advertising breaks are quickly losing their power as the leading way in which brands talk to their audiences. For the past five years the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has been grappling with how the entertainment and marketing worlds can collaborate in fresh and innovative ways, rather than unsophisticated product placement. In 2017 twenty specialist jurors considered a wide range of ideas submitted in the relatively uncharted category of branded entertainment, regarded by many as the future of advertising. For days they deliberated on what made an entry more or less successful. This book conveys their comprehensively debated conclusions. We hope you will find their insights both inspirational and thought-provoking.

'An illuminating exploration of the evolving terrain of branded entertainment from the experts themselves - essential reading for industry insiders.'

- Philip Thomas, Chairman, Cannes Lions